The basketball robot CUE participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We will continue to develop and with robot techlogy, we wish to let basketball fans around the world to know the fun of challenging.
Development story:

Research that leads to the future

Toyota has been working on research on "partner robots" that mainly support people with disabilities and the elderly, with the concept of "supporting human activities and coexisting with humans" by applying industrial robot technology.

While aiming to transform into a mobility company, we will expand the scope of our research to platform technology for controlling robots or infrastructure technology for the city.

Even if the subject of research expands, we continue to value the concept of "jidouka" that our predecessors have cherished, that is, machines do not replace human power and intellect, and always focus on humans. To go. We would like to support our customers' well-being life by creating a people-centered system.